Book of Resurrection

This foldable book is inspired by the poem "For a Version of I Ching", by Jorge Luis Borges.

Made with Canson papers: Mi-Teintes, Mi-teintes Infinity y Mi-teintes hardboards.

For a Version of I Ching

The imminent is as immutable
As rigid yesterday. There is no matter
That rates more than a single, silent letter
In the eternal and inscrutable
Writing whose book in time. He who believes
He’s left his home already has come back.
Life is a future and well-traveled track.
Nothing dismisses us. Nothing leaves.
Do not give up. The prison is bereft
Of light, its fabric is incessant iron,
But in some corner of your mean environs
You might discover a mistake, a cleft.
The road is fatal as an arrow’s flight
But God is watching in the narrowest light.

Jorge Luis Borges (trans. by Eric McHenry)

Jorge Luis Borges. Selected Poems. Edited by Alexander Coleman. New York: Viking, 1999.