We are visual artists who tackle socialized aesthetic production. Faced with a given aesthetic problem, we elaborate concepts, which will become percept in the construction of the visual text. What is important for us is the creation of visual codes, in order to then overcast the textual outlines. For this we draw on various literary sources and the passage of terms. We work exclusively with Canson® papers, focussing on their application as a medium, which offers an unusual way of aesthetic work. In Canson® papers we find the ideal material to develop our projects, since we have a very wide variety of colours, textures, grains, weights, taking advantage of their durability, since they are pigmented in pulp, a property that is essential for the application of certain techniques.


Born in Paraná (1948), Entre Ríos, Argentina. Graduated from the Higher and Tertiary Art Schools "Fine Arts School Manuel Belgrano" and "Prilidiano Pueyrredón" (National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón) in Buenos Aires. He was appointed as permanent Art Professor at the UNA (National University of Arts). He participated in National and Provincial Exhibitions. He is the founder of the Group "TES XX" and "OBRAS EN PAPEL" (Art on Paper). He participated in various solo and group exhibitions. He exhibited with the Group TES XX at: "Museum of Modern Art of Latin America"; Organization of American State presented with the sponsorship of the Museum of Modern Art of Latin America; Organization of American State Building, Washington DC, USA. With OBRAS EN PAPEL various exhibitions were presented in Galleries and Museums in Argentina and in foreign countries. He designed and directed stage projects, one remarkable is: "Borges Universe" – International Foundation "Jorge Luis Borges", "Palais de Glace", State Secretary of Culture, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He conducted seminars and courses at different universities in Argentina. Art work of his authorship is in the hands of collections in Argentina, USA, Canada, France, Germany and Spain.


Born in Buenos Aires. Drawing Teacher, graduates from U.N.A. (National University of Arts) in 2000; Bachelor´s degree at UNA in 2007. Professor at UNA since 2002, at subject: Visual Language I to VII. He took a two years course on cartoons at the school "Garaycochea", with the master Osvaldo Viola "Oswald”. Since 1996 participates in exhibitions, performs drawing and comic workshops in schools and fairs, and creates the aesthetic investigation group Territorio Háptico. Bookbinder and musician. From 2000 onwards he participates in the exhibitions of the Group Obras en Papel. Art work of his authorship is in the hands of collections in Argentina, USA, Perú, Australia, Germany and Africa.


Born in Taiwan (1966). Emigrated with his family to Argentina. Attended to the Faculty of architecture at UBA. Performed the photographic record of Obras en papel´s works since the start of the group and joined the group in 2015.


Starts his art studies in 1987. In 1994 he starts at "Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón" (National School of Fine Arts). In 1998 graduates as National Professor in Painting. Since 1997 participates in shows and exhibitions: 1997, XIV Show of fine art artists of San Isidro, District of San Isidro, Buenos Aires; 1999: 2do. Salón Estímulo of Fine Arts, "Sociedad Estímulo de Bellas Artes" de Ramos Mejía, Provincia de Buenos Aires; XXX Anual Show of Fine Arts "Fernán Félix de Amador", District of Vicente López, Province of Buenos Aires; 7ma. Bienal Chandon, Salón de la Joven Pintura, National Show of Culture "Palais de Glace", Buenos Aires, Argentina; Award "Palais de Glace" for novel artists, Nacional Show of Culture, "Palais de Glace", Buenos Aires. In 1998 participated in a group exhibition at the "Espacio Alternativo" in Buenos Aires. Since 1999 he participates in all the exhibitions of the Group Obras en papel.