The Weft

Based on the poem "La Trama" ("The weft") by Jorge Luis Borges, and as a co-text the poem "El corredor del Río" ("The corridor of the River") by Silvina Ocampo, we produced the set of works that served as a starting point for the development of the artists´books that make up the Japanese Desk...

Sand Pass

Sand is not the measure of all things, but it can serve as a metaphor to introduce two versions of infinity. The tiny grains that slip through our hands give an account, if possible, of the infinitely small, while their number (usually termed incommensurable) offer a way to suggest the infinitely large...


What is to translate? The ideal translation is utopian since it requires the recovery of the original text. But in the field of language, the translation operates in a way that does not support return. The idea is simple: take all the productions of language and make a long chain out of it...


About us

We are visual artists who tackle socialized aesthetic production. Faced with a given aesthetic problem, we elaborate concepts, which will become percept in the construction of the visual text. What is important for us is the creation of visual codes, in order to then overcast the textual outlines. For this we draw on various literary sources and the passage of terms. We work exclusively with Canson® papers, focussing on their application as a medium, which offers an unusual way of aesthetic work. In Canson® papers we find the ideal material to develop our projects, since we have a very wide variety of colours, textures, grains, weights, taking advantage of their durability, since they are pigmented in pulp, a property that is essential for the application of certain techniques.

Carlos Ara Monti

Juan Miguel Pita

Kuang Ching Chen

Gerardo Acosta Lambert