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Insight is now showing Cartas de Babel, one of de most original exhibitions in town, if not de most. A group of five talented artists got together and, in pairs, shared the responsability of making of each of de items on show. They are Carlos Alfredo Ara Monti, Juan Pita, Mariano González, Gerardo Acosta Lambert and Gustavo Pérez Cabriada. The resulting works can be called embroidery, mosaic, puzzle, vitraux, toys, labyrinths, grids, for they are all of that. What is more, they are done with superposed sheets of paper often cut in paper thin (pardon the analogy) stripes criss crossed in gossamer, geometric, often veil-like designs with the painstaking tidiness of the ancient cantonese artisans who would carve concentric spheres in ivory balls. This delicacy is also seen in each work's colours but, even if in some items delicate shadings appear, these effects are not made with any kind of pigment but obtained by careful sand papering. The figures are mostly the result of diferent stylizations of a basic hexagonal figure and variations thereof. The superpositions of designs and the mostly pale, pastel hues the artists use also remind the viewer of the delicate grids seen in moorish palaces, througt which it would not be surprising to catch a glimpse of Scheherezade. Although the sound that comes to mind watching these beautiful designs is that of a Mozart or Haydn sonata, but played on the forte piano rather than on a concert grand. And one can also find some stravinskyan neo classic impishness in others. The group have also made a huge artist's book -El Libro Blanco inspired in Borges' Babel Library. In it, not content with showing their virtuosic cut ups, they also included pop up paper pictures like those found in children's books. Actually the origin of these magic images is in their makers ' desire to vindicate manual labor in art, specially now, when the technology based in electricity is gaining more and more ground in the usual arts, among other fields, of course. They certainly make their point.
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