The clock of sand

The Golem

The Babel Library

Babel Letters

Cyphers and Signatures


From the random migrations

Sand pass

The plot


“What is to translate? The ideal translation is utopian since it requires the recovery of the original text. But in the field of language, the translation operates in a way that does not support return.
The idea is simple: take all the productions of language and make a long chain out of it, possibly infinite, of zeros and ones. Now add a zero and a comma to the beginning to form an expression whose value is a umber between 0 and 1. As a consequence, all the texts written by all men in all languages, including those which will be written in the future, are summarized in a cut, a notch in a piece of wood. The secret lies in finding the right place; otherwise, decoding is impossible.”

Pablo Amster (from the Prologue to the exhibition “Traslaciones”)

Book of traslations I and II


Pages of projections

The look of Kuang



This is a work consisting of five panels suspended from 56 x 152 cm. each, cotton paper made by the five members of Works On Paper, with the cut off technique. Set up a continuous macro-structure in its initial conception, visually fragmented by the subdivision into panels and redefined (re-meant) by the lights arranged by the Lightning Designer Sergio Fabri. Each panels contains an original text by an autor (derived from hes own personal signature), being articulated with rewritings or transcriptions of the other artists.