The clock of sand

The Golem

The Babel Library

Babel Letters

Cyphers and Signatures


From the random migrations

Sand pass

The plot


“At the time of pain and vague light,
on its Golem the eyes were delayed.
Who will tell us the things God
felt as he looked at his Rabin in Prague?”


Carlos Alfredo Ara Monti

Gerardo Acosta Lambert

Juan Pita

Threshold Book Threshold I Book

The Threshold I strongly stresses the INTERTEXTUALITY of the book, since it has been conceived in such a way that all the artists involved in the project could intervene other artists’ works, enriching the final piece.

This book is born out of the poem “The Golem” written by the Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges, who is the reference to the act of creation as well as the causes and effects of human action.
It includes a prologue, initializations, and five chapters, in the manner of a regular text book, plus a hidden book, all of which have been produced in the paper fixture technique or paper glued on paper. The prologue was written by the guest artist Pablo Morini, who also intervened in the secret book. Other guest artists have initialized the book. Each page of the chapters has been designed following a strict formal clue consisting in a rotated square within another square, according to the idea that an existing form lies inside a containing one.

Tapa 59 x 40cm