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FROM THE RANDOM MIGRATIONS [sand, gravel and rocks]
Invited artist: Federico Antelo Granero

"The migrations that the historian, guided by the random relics of pottery and bronze, tries to set on the map and the people who executed did not understand".
The plot - Jorge Luis Borges

It is about the obtainment, of a multiplicity of a system of relations and exchanges.
The route of a journey describes the weave that forms the basis of this aesthetic construction.
Deconstruct and unravel the plot of an aesthetic-visual text.
Interpret and translate the text for the creation of a new aesthetic text.
Grab the thread and continue on new territories. Embroided.

Works on Paper – 2014

Carlos Ara Monti

Julián Bleker

Juan Pita

Gerardo Acosta Lambert Kuang Ching Chen


JULIAN BLEKER / SHEETS 25 cm. X 64 cm.

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