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From the random migrations

Sand pass

The plot


In Cyphers and Signatures a plot built flom the plane that keeps folding and moving from the centre is proposed. Any direction is equally probable; the route fills the space turning it incapable of being tolerant towards the presence of the object itself. But al the same time, in Cyphers and Signatures a purpose is woven to conceal the truth and to confine it to the pages of a sefer book, which contains the key of all the mysteries.

Unlike Pascal´s sphere, a version of the perplexity is presented here, the emptiness anigma wich circumference is everywhere and its centre nowhere.

Pablo Amster
Prologue a Cyphers and Signatures

The book of seals

Sealed box Sheets



Carlos Alfredo Ara Monti

Gerardo Acosta Lambert

Juan Pita